Parent Resources

Picture7Arrival and Departure Procedures

Canossa Kindergarten will open daily at 8:45am – drop off is expected between 8:45am and 9:10am. Assembly will begin daily at 9:15am

  • When you arrive in the morning it is important to assist your child to locate their locker and place their bag in the locker. Remove hat, sheet and water bottle;
  • Sign your child/ren in via the ipads;
  • Greet the educators;
  • Share any important information with staff;
  • Say goodbye to your child and leave quickly.

Collection Time is 2:45pm daily. The gate will open at @ 2.35pm

  • Sign your child out at the ipad;
  • Read the information about your child’s day, presented by the teacher on the desks;
  • Say goodbye to your child’s educator/s and leave.

What to Bring to Canossa:

Everyday please bring a bag with all items labelled containing:

  • Complete set of spare clothing (including underpants)
  • Sheet for rest time
  • Hat (a wide brimmed hat is preferred)
  • Water bottle
  • Morning tea and lunch

Please remember to label all your child’s belongings with their names.IMG_4779